February 2013 Newsletter

Lease-Up Announcement—Ford Road Supportive Housing     


Housing Choices Coalition is pleased to announce the start of the leasing process for Ford Road Supportive Housing, a new Eden Housing development located at 233 Ford Road, near the intersection of Ford Road and Monterey Highway in South San Jose.    

When it opens in July 2013 (the estimated date of completion), Ford Road Supportive Housing will provide 16 one-bedroom apartments and 3 two-bedroom apartments for rent to people with developmental disabilities.  The rents will be set at 30% of the qualifying household’s actual income.  HCC will provide resident support services to tenants with developmental disabilities, and Eden Housing will provide property management, including a Maintenance Manager who will live in a unit at the property.

Eden Housing is an award-winning developer of high-quality, affordable rental housing.  Learn more about Eden Housing at www.edenhousing.org.  HCC and Eden Housing have a successful existing partnership at Edenvale Apartments, where HCC provides resident support services to 14 households with developmental disabilities.

Ford Road Supportive Housing is a non-smoking building with very limited parking.  During the first year of occupancy of Ford Road Supportive Housing, construction will be finishing at the next phase of the project, which will provide rental housing for low-income families.  If you smoke, drive a car, or are sensitive to noise and dust from construction, please consider carefully whether this is the property for you. 

This property is intended for people with extremely low-incomes and the following income ceilings apply:

Number of people in the Household

Maximum Household Income

1 person


2 people


3 people


4 people


5 people



In addition, occupancy restrictions apply.  Not more than three people can live in a one-bedroom apartment, and there must be at least two people (and not more than five) people occupying a two-bedroom apartment.

Please review the following information to understand the steps in the application process:

STEP ONE:  Register online for a Part I workshop to learn more about the property and to help you complete Part I of the application.  Part I workshops will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays between February 19th and March 28th.  Choose a date and time that works for you.    Register now for a Part I application workshop.

STEP TWO:  Complete and sign Part I of the application.   Check Here to download Part I.

STEP THREE:  Turn in the completed Part I of the application, which must be RECEIVED by 5 pm on March 28, 2013 to be included in the lottery.   You can mail it to Housing Choices Coalition, 30 Las Colinas Lane, San Jose, CA 95119, fax it to (408)284-4225 or email it to abonilla@housingchoices.com 

STEP FOUR:  HCC will hold a lottery on March 29 to place Part I applications which were received by the deadline in random order.    If you missed the deadline for the lottery, your application will not be included in the lottery but you will be placed on a wait list after the names of all those who were in the lottery.

STEP FIVE:  Look for a letter in the mail from HCC between April 8 and April 12, telling you your place in the lottery and whether to submit Part II of the application at this time.  If you were not selected in the lottery to complete Part II of the application, you will be placed on a wait list for the property. 

STEP SIX:  In April and May, HCC will hold Part II application workshops to help those applicants who were asked to complete Part II of the application.  Part II of the application requires a number of supporting documents and information that enables the landlord to verify your answers.   It is the applicant’s responsibility to support Part II of the application by assembling all required information by the due dates. 

STEP SEVEN:  In May or June, Eden Housing will interview you for final approval if you completed Part II of the application in a timely and complete manner.

STEP EIGHT:  It is currently estimated that tenants will move into Ford Road Supportive Housing in July 2013.  However, this date could change because of construction delays, so check HCC’s web site regularly for updated information. 

For more information, contact Alex Bonilla, Santa Clara County Housing Coordinator, by telephone (408) 284-0992 or by email to abonilla@housingchoices.com.

Got Feedback?  Tell Us Now!                         

HCC is soliciting feedback about how well we’re doing in creating and supporting housing opportunities for people with developmental disabilities.   We’d like to hear from everyone we’ve worked with in the past twelve months—people with developmental disabilities, their parents, family members and conservators,  SARC Service Coordinators, ILS and SLS staff, property managers, housing developers and other community partners. 

The feedback survey should not take more than five or ten minutes to answer.  Your answers will be anonymous and will help us improve our services.   The online survey is in English, but you can request that a paper copy (either in Spanish or English) be mailed to you by telephoning Jane Malkofsky at (408)284-0990.

Click here to complete the survey now.  

Property Tour:  Gish Apartments  

In an ongoing series of tours of HCC Partner Properties, HCC will host a tour of Gish Apartments, 35 Gish Road, San Jose, on Thursday, March 7, at 4:30 pm.  The tour is designed to help visitors decide whether to join the wait list for the Gish Road Apartments.  Visitors will have an opportunity to tour the common space and an apartment and talk to HCC residents about what it is like to live at GishApartments.   Thirteen apartments, including studios, 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom units, are designated for rent to people with developmental disabilities at Gish Apartments, which has a total of 35 apartments.  Gish Apartments is located near the Gish Light Rail station and other public transit.  Click here to REGISTER.

Make a Difference on Grass Roots Day:  Write a Letter Now!    

March 6, 2013 is Grass Roots Day in Sacramento.  Organized by the California Association of Regional Center Agencies (ARCA), Grass Roots Day is an opportunity for Californians with developmental disabilities, their supporters and advocates, to come together and urge California’s Assembly Members and State Senators to remember the needs of our community as they develop the state’s budget for 2013-2014.  To learn more about Grass Roots Day, click here

Six residents of HCC’s Partner Properties are planning to go to Sacramento on Grass Roots Day.  They’ll tell their stories, but they also want to bring letters from our readers to present to our elected leaders. 

Please take a minute to write a letter to your State Assembly Member or State Senator, urging them to support services for people with developmentafyour letter?  Click here for a template of a letter that describes the services you need to live independently.  Click here for a template of a letter that a community partner, parent, or other supporter or advocate would write.

Send your letter by March 4 to Evelyn Garrison, HCC’s Program Manager, to make sure it is included in the letters our residents present to legislators on March 6.  For more information, telephone Evelyn at (408)705-7927.

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