In the Spirit of Thanksgiving

 "My parents, sister, and teachers prepared me to live independently, but without affordable housing, I couldn't make my move."

"With help from Housing Choices Coalition, I moved into my very own apartment in 2012. I love living on my own and want to help more people achieve the same goal."

Thank you for helping Housing Choices Coalition open doors for people with developmental disabilities in 2012. Because of your support, more people with developmental disabilities are living in high quality, affordable housing of their choice in Santa Clara, Monterey and Santa Cruz Counties. 

In 2012, we have: 
  • Conducted housing assessments for 337 new clients.
  • Provided housing advice and referrals to 888 clients.
  • Moved 76 clients into their own homes.
  • Provided security deposit assistances to 11 clients and grants for basic household purchases to 5 clients.
  • Secured 12 Project-based Housing Vouchers and 12 Housing Choices Vouchers, increasing to more than $3million annually the financial assistance our clients receive for housing costs.
  • Helped more than 20 people with developmental disabilities avoid evictions. 
  • Hosted monthly events at ten Partner Properties to build supportive communities. 
  • Fostered self-advocacy and leadership in the halls of the legislature and here at home.

Our work is far from done. With your help, we'll continue to increase the housing choices that are available to people with developmental disabilities. Please give generously to create communities that represent the values of inclusion, diversity, independence, security and care for one another.