Monterey County Resources

Monterey County Resource Page
The following is a list of local resources divided by service areas:


California Department of Developmental Services 
This site is the main website of the agency through which the State of California provides services and supports to children and adults with developmental disabilities. 

Monterey County Department of Social and Employment Services 
Telephone: 831-755-8490 
In Home Support Services (IHSS)Program provides payment for in home assistance to enable people to remain safely in their own homes. Services provided include: assistance with cleaning, shopping, laundry, meal preparation and non medical personal services (bathing, dressing, feeding, etc.). Eligibility: Low income persons who cannot remain at home safely without assistance and who qualify for Supplemental Social Security Income.

Housing Authority of Monterey County 
Telephone: 831-775-5000 
Provides low income rental assistance. Supplements rents in private market units that meet Housing Authority standards. Certificate holders pay 30% of income for rent and utilities. Income needs to be not greater than 50% of county median income. Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. The lists of low-income apartment complexes available in the county. 

National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials 
Telephone: 877-866-2476 
A national housing and community development advocate for the provision of adequate and affordable housing, especially for low and moderate income individuals.

San Andreas Regional Center 
Telephone: 831-759-7500 
San Andreas Regional Center is a community-based, private non-profit corporation that is funded by the State of California to provide case management and referral services to people with developmental disabilities.

U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development 
Telephone: 800-669-9777 
Discrimination Hotline.


Alliance on Aging 
Telephone: 831-655-1334 
Telephone: 800-510-2020 (Toll Free) 
Provide a wide variety of services that include Information and Assistance, Senior Peer Counseling, Tax Counseling, Health Insurance and Employment for Seniors.

Central Coast Center for Independent Living. 
Telephone: 831-757-2968 
Advances the civil rights of people living with disabilities and assists with independent living opportunites for this population. Advocates for & provides information on the removal of barriers both architectural and environmental. Services are provided for individuals and family members of people with disabilities. Hours are: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm.

Gateway Center of Monterey County 
Telephone: 831-372-8002 
Residential Programs and Services: Provides a variety of residential settings in Monterey County for people with developmental disabilities. 
Congress Avenue Home: Home to 49 consumers. Fully-staffed, 24 hours/day, this facility emphasizes increasing independence and individual choice in all aspects of daily living, health and personal safety, with special emphasis on community participation. 
Forest Hill Group Home: Located on Pacific Grove's Forest Hill Boulevard, provides residence to six residents whom live and work in the greater community. Support, counseling, and Independent Living Skills training is provided. Additional Group Homes have been established. 
Supported Living and Independent Living Services: Provides the necessary supports and training for an individual to live in his/her own home in the community. 

Telephone: 831-649-4522 
A mental health agency providing residential treatment and affordable housing opportunties. Referral by the Monterey County Behavioral Health Services (831-755-4510) or Natividad Medical Center Crisis Team. Housing programs offers groups homes and apartments. Residents receive case management and mental health support services. 


Catholic Charities 
Telephone: 831-393-3110 
Mental health counseling; Family Support Services; Financial Assistance; Citizen and Immigration support..

Housing Advocacy of Monterey County 
Telephone: 831-424-9186 
Security Desposit Guarantee Program: Program offers guarantees to landlords that the deposit will be paid during the first year of tenancy. Tenants pay 1/12 of the deposit each month for one year. Eligibility: Low income Monterey County resident. Tenant must have adequate income to pay all monthly expenses and good credit. 

Mc Home Homeless Shelter 
Telephone: 831-883-3030 
Eviction Services. 

John XXIII AIDS Ministry 
Telephone: 831-442-3959 
Provides case management services to assist with HIV and/or AIDS to avoid eviction or homelessness.

Shelter Outreach Plus - Homeward Bound 
Telephone: 831-384-3388 
Telephone: 800-339-8228 (Toll Free) 
Two-year transitional living program for single females and simgle female head of household families. Including case management, life skills', workshops, children's programs. Must be alcohol and drug free for at least 60 days. Rent is 30% of the resident's income.

Salvation Army - Good Samaritan Center 
Telephone: 831-899-4988 
Provides eviction prevention/rental assistance to assist family in avoiding eviction/homelessness. Emergency shelter for men and women.

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California Fair Employment and Housing Department 
Telephone: 800-233-3212 (Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm) 
Handles discrimination claims for California residents. 

California Rural Legal Assistance 
Telephone: 831-375-0505 
Provides legal assistance and education to low income Monterey County residents. Focus on Tenant/Landlord Rights and Responsibilites. 

Conflict Resoluntion and Mediation Center 
Telephone: 831-649-6219 
Telephone: 831-424-4694 
Provides mediation and conflict services including landlord/tenant and neighborhood problems, fair housing & all forms of alternative dispute resolution to include arbitration services.
Hours: Monday: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm (closed for lunch 12:00 noon to 1:00 pm).

Legal Services for Seniors 
Telephone: 831-899-0492 (Pennisula) 
Telephone: 831-442-7700 (Salinas) 
Legal advise and representation for persons age 60 and older who are socially or economically needy. Priorty areas are housing, consumer/debt collection problems, elder abuse, access to health care, and income maintenance. 

Protection & Advocacy Inc. 
Telephone: 916-488-9955 
Telephone: 510-267-1200 (Oakland) 
Agency works in partnership with persons with disabilities - to protect, advocate for, and advance their human, legal, and service rights. Protecting peoples' rights to accessable and fair housing is a major emphasis of their activity. 


City of Monterey 
Telephone: 831-646-3995 
Down Payment assistance loans for low and moderate first time homebuyers. Payments are deferred. Applicants must currently live or work in the City of Monterey.

City of Pacifc Grove 
Telephone: 831-648-3190 
Housing Rehabilitation Loan ProgramLow interest and deferred interest loans to low income, disabled, or elderly property owners in Pacific Grove. Both emergency and major rehabilitiation loans. 
Home Improvement Loans: Home improvement loans are available to subsidize units. 
Rental Assistance Program: Limited funds are available to subsidize rents for income eligible households who live or work in Pacific Grove. Rental units must be located in Pacific Grove. 

City of Salinas 
Telephone: 831-758-7334 
Downpayment assistance is provided for low income residents of the City of Salinas. Provides eligible low income families and individuals with a low-interest, deferred payment loan for the purchase of their first home. Must be a Salinas resident employed in Salinas.

City of Seaside 
Telephone: 831-899-6729 
Downpayment assistance is provided for low income residents of the City of Seaside. Must be a Seaside resident for two years. Deferred payment loan. 

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Telephone: 831-757-6254 
Self-Help Program: Provides self-help housing programs in Monterey County to eligible low income families. In lieu of a down payment, each family commits to provide an average of 40 hours construction labor per week. The families work together in teams of eight to twelve families. 
Lown Income Rentals: Rental homes for low income families/individuals throughout Monterey County. Must apply onto waitlist. 

Habitat for Humanity 
Telephone: 831-422-4828 
Self help home building partnerships for families who qualify as low income 

South County Housing 
Telephone: 408-842-9181 
New development of affordable 2 and 3 bedroom homes at University Villages in Marina to begin 2008.


County of Monterey/Housing and Redevelopment Agency 
Telephone: 831-755-5390 

City of Marina 
Telephone: 831-384-7324 

City of Monterey 
Telephone: 831-646-3728 

City of Pacifc Grove 
Telephone: 831-648-3190 

City of Salinas 
Telephone: 831-758-7334 

City of Seaside 
Telephone: 831-899-6220 


Monterey County Housing Alliance 
Telephone: 831-757-4657 
Offers Credit Education, Home Buyer Education, Borrower Counseling, and access to Mortgage Loan Products to low and moderate income families. 

MST RIDES Program 
Telephone: 831-373-1393 
For people who have a disability or condition that prevents them from using MST's "fixed route" bus service. The service offers van service, reimbursed-taxi service and special medical trips. To participate in the MST RIDES program, persons must qualify for eligibility. Contact MST RIDES for eligibility and certification informaton.