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October 2014 Newsletter


Housing Choices Coalition invites parents of adult and transition-aged people with disabilities to a free parent workshop generously hosted by Parents Helping Parents.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014 at 6:30 PM

Where: The Sobrato Center for Nonprofits, Room 3, 1400 Parkmoor Avenue, San Jose CA

Why: Because of the high cost of housing, many parents are looking for appropriate ways to provide a limited amount of financial support to facilitate their adult child's transition to living in their own apartment. Parental support can help a child meet minimum income requirements in order to income-qualify for affordable housing but can have an unintended result on SSI and other benefits. 

Who: A specialized panel will address the minimum income and other financial qualifications imposed on applicants for rental housing, the Fair Housing issues raised by these requirements, and, most importantly, the impact of parental financial support on the adult child’s SSI and other benefits.

Jan Stokley, Executive Director of Housing Choices Coalition, will moderate the panel. Housing Choices Coalition helps people with developmental disabilities gain access to affordable housing so that they can live inclusively in community housing. HCC also provides resident support for twelve Partner Properties with rental units that have been set aside for rent to clients of San Andreas Regional Center.

Michael Santero, Asset Manager for First Community Housing, will describe the financial underwriting requirements imposed on rental housing applicants by managers of affordable housing. First Community Housing is a nonprofit developer of affordable housing and has developed three award-winning LEED Platinum properties with rental units set-aside for clients of San Andreas Regional Center, with a fourth and fifth project with units set-aside for SARC clients currently in construction. 

Zoe Brown, Senior Fair Housing Coordinator for Project Sentinel, will address the Fair Housing issues raised by minimum income and other financial underwriting requirements when applied to rental housing applicants with disabilities who are typically on fixed incomes. Project Sentinel is a government supported non-profit agency that provides education, counseling, conciliation, investigation, and when necessary legal referrals for persons alleging housing discrimination. 

Ken Prodger, Certified Financial Planner and Chartered Special Needs Consultant with Special Needs Planning Group (SNPG), will address the impact that parental financial support can have on an adult child’s SSI and other benefits and ways to manage those risks. Ken provides comprehensive holistic financial advice regarding special needs trusts, life care planning, letters of intent, and how to obtain and preserve need based government benefits. 


 1585 Studios Lease-Up Announcement

There is still time to sign up for one of the workshop offered by Housing Choices Coalition to learn more about 1585 Studios, have questions answered and get help filling out the Part I Application. If you are interested please go to the September 2014 Newsletter for more information. 
Deadline to submit
If you have any questions contact Monica Pedraza by phone: 408-713-2623 or by email:

 Fundraising at Panda Express

Housing Choices Coalition is having a fundraiser for our Cooperative Housing Backyard Project that was previously mentioned in the September 2014 Newsletter at Panda Express on Friday November 14, 2014. The event will be from 4:00PM to 8:00PM. Resident Coordinators, Thai Tran and Priscilla Marquez, are currently working on an exciting HCC project that aims to improve housing for individuals with developmental disabilities. We hope that you will be able to come support our fundraiser on this day. Panda Express will donate 20% of your purchased food toward the project. Come enjoy delicious food, meet our residents, and learn more about our Co-op Backyard Project.
Please bring a copy of the flyer and present it at checkout. Print out the flyer Here or scroll to the bottom of the page to download the flyer.
If you have any questions please contact Thai Tran at or Priscilla Marques at

Daniel Connor's Story

Daniel Connor is an existing client of Housing Choices Coalition who needed help finding housing. Daniel is a very energetic, charismatic and loving person who had recently moved in with one of his conservators. Monica became his primary caregiver and one of his conservators in November 2013 after Daniel’s father passed away.  Her home was the last option before he would be placed in a facility that would care for him. Daniel has lived in the Santa Clara County area for 37 years and has established himself at his adult day program at Evergreen Adult Development Center. Daniel needs round the clock care and Monica, his conservator, has demonstrated her devotion to caring for him and giving him a loving home.

When Daniel first became a client of Housing Choices Coalition, Monica was attempting to add Daniel to her Housing Choice Voucher. At first, the request was denied because the Housing Authority had no rules that allowed an adult with disabilities to be added to the household of a legal conservator.  The Housing Authority was forcing Monica to choose between fulfilling her responsibilities to Daniel and maintaining her Housing Choice Voucher.  With the help of Housing Choices Coalition and our partner organizations, Monica was able to put together a strong case under Fair Housing laws to appeal the denial of her request to add Daniel to her household. Monica was then allowed to add Daniel to her voucher household and he was able to continue to reside with her. 

This success came just as Monica was preparing to move from her current apartment to another. Monica searched and applied to many different properties that would allow Daniel to live near his current Day Program.  With help from Housing Choices Coalition, Monica was able to find a new unit  but then was faced with a new dilemma. She had finally found an apartment property that accepted a Housing Choice Voucher but she did not have enough money to pay for the security deposit for the unit and for the household's companion dog, Jeff.

Housing Choices Coalition was able to apply on the household's behalf to the Housing Trust Silicon Valley’s Finally Home Grant Program. This program was able to provide Monica and Daniel with the $2000 total security deposit they needed to be able to move into their new home. Monica and Daniel are now settling in to their new home and all are doing well preparing for the holidays to come.  

Monica Pedraza,
Oct 6, 2014, 3:07 PM